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X.Hip hop

Xtreme Hip Hop Step Aerobics

All Fitness Levels will be able to enjoy this customized Xtreme Hip-Hop class where we will perform various step aerobics routines seen in some of the most notorious classes instructed by Philp Weeden.

This is a beginner friendly class! Need an intro class? We host intro classes every third Thursday of the month! Check our schedule for the next. 


Booty Sculpt

This is our new and improved Bootycamp class redesigned to effectively build and reshape your glutes. Learn how to activate your glutes effectively, ensuring they are fully engaged during each exercise for optimal results.? Master a variety of dumbbell-focused exercises specifically designed to target the glute and leg muscles. Understand the importance of gradually increasing the resistance/weight to continually challenge your muscles and promote growth over time.

Diva Sculpt 

An upbeat, strength training class, designed to build physical and mental strength through a sequence of movements that will tone the body using light to heavy free weights. Join us in studio or if you prefer, feel free to enjoy virtually as this class is an at-home friendly workout.



Diva Heat is a 30 minute intense cardio class using body weight movements to ignite calories and sculpt the body in all of the perfect places!

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