Fitness Classes

Diva Booty Camp

Diva Sculpt 


Kids Hip Hop 6-11

Teen Hip Hop 12-17

Kids Ballet 6-13


Trap Yoga

Upbeat, high-intensity yoga designed to build physical and mental strength through a sequence of yoga poses and dancing (by dancing we mean booty shaking!). This judgment free experience makes sweating truly enjoyable!


Zen Diva

The perfect combination of mindful movement, meditation and breath work. This vinyasa
styled class takes you through a series of poses

paired with breathing that will heal, strengthen and
lengthen the body.


Diva Booty Camp

Experience a HIIT style workout that uses calisthenics

(i.e. body weight) to improve muscular and aerobic conditioning designed for all levels. Although we primarily focus on the glutes and core, you will gain all the benefits of a full body workout! Think of a bootcamp designed to target all the right places!


Sensual Yoga

Connect with your body through creative & 

passionate movement that will assist with building
self-confidence, self-respect, and self-authenticity. This style of yoga will awaken feminine energy and
allow the healing and honoring of your body.

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