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Safe Space. Strong Women.

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Introducing Studio Diva

The Ultimate Women's Cave

Studio Diva is your new home away from home. Come take one of our many unique classes from Zen Diva to Diva Bootycamp. We are known for our transformative Fit Diva membership that has shown many successes within our Diva community. We can't fail to mention the one and only Divas 'N Heels, because #FridaysAreForDivas! 


We pride ourselves in being a safe space for women to tap into their most confident and balanced self. 

Visit us today and Be A Diva!

Be A Diva

Meet Sam & Shelly

Owners and Operators of Studio Diva

Samantha and Michelle, affectionately referred to as Sam & Shelly, have been best friends for over 15  years. Their friendship has been full of adventures together, but none compare to their most recent endeavor. Six years ago the dynamic duo decided to pair their passion and talents together; dancing and empowering women. Together they developed Divas ‘N Heels, a hip hop dance class for women in the NJ/PA areas. Divas ‘N Heels grew tremendously over the last six years. Today, Divas ‘N Heels has become a community, drawing people from multiple states to engage in a supportive and high energy atmosphere that promotes holistic wellness!


Sam & Shelly take pride in their friendship and their business and the proof is in the Diva community. Expanding their capacity to serve the community, Sam & Shelly invested in Studio Diva— a new home for their popular Divas ‘N Heels class and a line up of innovative, wellness-centered classes!


15 Years of authentic and genuine friendship has inspired the love that Sam & Shelly pour into the Divas Community- it’s a unique and inclusive space, where everyone is welcome!


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